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Passion 70m Cloud longline/highline set


Fun guaranteed! Our polyamide webbing “Passion” is now out as a complete longline-set called “Cloud”: 70m of tremendous bounce, supersoft round edges paired with a high-end pulley system from Edelrid. As linelocker we went for the reliable T-Rig – precisely manufactured and “made in Germany”. The Cloud set is the perfect choice for real slackline enthusiasts. Fun, up to 70m – by land, over water or high up in the air. An easy setup combined with the unique walking experiance will keep you up on cloud nine during each single slackline session.

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Product Description

• 70 m/230 ft passion slackline (breaking strength 30kN) with reinforced loop
stretch: 11% at 7,5kN (~750kg), 15% at 15kN (~1500kg)
• 3x tree‘skin 1.5 m/5 ft
• 3x slings 2.5 m/8 ft; 5 m/16 ft circumference (breaking strength >50kN)
• 1x delta quicklink 12 mm/0.5“ (breaking strength >50kN)
• 1x pulley system incl.:
33 m/108 ft static rope (10.5 mm/0.4“)
2x Edelrid double pulley, ball bearing mounted (breaking strength 50kN)
1x Quicklink oval 8 mm/0.3“ (breaking strength 35kN)
1x Brake Edelrid Eddy
• 2x stainless steel shackle, cambered 12 mm/0.5“(breaking strength >50kN)
• 1x Edelrid single pulley, ball bearing mounted (breaking strength 32kN)
• 1x Rope-grab
• 1x Aluminium carabiner (breaking strength 32kN)
• 1x elephant T-Rig (working load limit 15kN)


As successor of our trusted T-Lock, the T-Rig is even lighter and can be directly installed into your pulley system. It consists of a 30 mm/1” main roller made of pressure-resistant plastic that minimises reduction of the breaking strength of the webbing. The webbing is easily inserted, pretensioned and retightened due to a rotable and removable, yet unlosable, bolt.

length: 11.5cm/4.5”
weight: 320g/11oz
depth: 3.2cm/1.3”
breaking strength: 30kN
width: 5.0cm/2”
working load limit: 15kN

Additional Information

Weight 18 kg


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