lineGrip G4 Alu – the original with elephant-branding


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lineGrip G4 Alu – the original with elephant-branding

The lineGrip allows you to take out the tensioning system (i.e. pulley system, chain hoist) after setting up your high- or longline, thus giving you serveral benefits. First of all the main weight of your slackline setup gets removed, so making your walking experiance way more enjoyable. Therefore you can now use the spare tensioning system to set up a second, third or even forth slackline with it. In addition, when you use a set of pulleys in combination with the lineGrip, you need less static rope for the same length of slackline. In this way the lineGrip not only simplifies slacklining, it also safes you hard cash.

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Dimensions 16.2 x 8.4 x 4.5 cm


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