“Horizon”100 m Longline-System


Lots of testing and development have gone into the elephant longline system „Horizon“. The set includes 100m (330 ft) of blueWing webbing with revolutionary Wing technology, as well as a pulley system that consists of high quality Edelrid parts.


Our Horizon set ist the perfect choice for ambitious slackliners, who want to keep pushing their limits and improve their skills along the way. The elongation, breaking strength and weight of the webbing was adjusted perfectly to the pulley system, supporting your progress in the best possible way.
If looking for longer distances, experienced longliners also have the option to purchase our blueWing webbing by meter.

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Product Description

– 100 m/330 ft blueWing slackline webbing with reinforced loop

– 3x tree‘skin 1.5 m/5 ft

– 3x slings 2.5 m/8 ft (5 m/16 ft circumference)

– 1x delta maillon 12 mm/0.5“

– 2x stainless steel shackle, cambered 12 mm/0.5“

– 1x pulley

– 1x rope-grab

– 1x aluminium screw-lock carabiner

– 1x T-Rig

– pulley system

 components pulley system:

 – 33 m/108 ft static rope

    (10.5 mm/0.4“)

– 2x double pulley

– 1x maillon oval 8 mm/0.3“

– 1x brake (Eddy)

– Cloud Set

Additional Information

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