Elephant garden kit


No trees, no slackline? That’s history.

With the elephant garden kit you can turn your garden into a playground. Compared to other ground anchors, our solid steel nails are easily and quickly driven into the ground. The tension of the slackline locks down the nails leading to strong anchors. After your slackline session, the nails can be easily removed without deforming them. Due to their sturdy construction, they can of course also be installed permanently. In addition the ground plates and shackles are galvanised. The complete set includes a 13 m slackline that can be set up at variable lengths between 2 and 10 m.

Please note: This set is not suited for sand, gravel or similarly loose ground.

Social responsibility

The manufacturing process of the elephant garden kit mainly takes place at the “Donau-Iller-Werkstätten in Ulm”. This social facility supports people with mental or physical disability and helps them to live a regular life. The high-quality, wooden A-frames get handcrafted and branded in their very own carpentry, the steel nails and ground plates come from the in-house metalworking department. Furthermore the Donau-Iller-Werkstätten take care of the whole packaging process. Thus the journey of your garden kit to your backyard starts at this great facility.

Product Description

A-frame: 2 pcs.
nail: 4 pcs.
ground plate: 2 pcs.
Shackle: 2 pcs.
slackline: 1 pc.
standard ratchet: 1 pc.


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