25m addict flash´line pink


The girth hitch system “addict“ is aimed at advanced slackliners, who want to set up longer jump lines of up to 25 m (80 ft) in length – the included long lever ratchet can handle anything. Available in the trendy colours pink and neon-yellow, no one will steal your show! In addition, the flashy colour and the contrast-enhancing print provide you with an ideal reference point when landing jumps.

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Product Description

total length: 25m
length slackline-webbing: 22,5m
length ratchet webbing: 2,5m
width: 50mm
material: polyester flat webbing
stretch: 2% at 7kN (~700kg)
strength: 45kN (~4.500kg)
loops: reinforced 1,4mm
tensioning element: 50mm long arm ratchet
colour: neon-yellow
weight: approx. 3,8kg

fixing system: girth hitch

Additional Information

Weight 3.8 kg


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