15m Wing 3.5 set orange

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The Wing 3.5 is the ultimate all-rounder for beginners, advanced slackliners and pros. Even during your first steps on a slackline, you will notice the pleasant dynamics of this webbing. The integrated Wing technology causes the tubular edges of the slackline to adapt to the sole of your foot. With a width of 35 mm (1.4”), the webbing forgives mistakes while walking. The considerable elasticity of the webbing allows ambitious jumps even at short distances.

The 15 m version of the Wing 3.5 is especially suited for beginners, kids and families. The soft, tubular edges of the webbing greatly reduce the risk of skin abrasions. The 25 m version is perfect for getting started with longlining and is the ideal line for slackline surfing.

There’s no way around this webbing!

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Product Description

total length: 15m

length slackline-webbing: 12,5m

length ratchet webbing: 2,5m

width: 35mm

material: polyester hybrid (Wing)

tubular edges: 7-8mm

stretch: 5,9%at 7,5kN (~750kg)

strength: 30kN (~3.000kg)

loops: reinforced 1,4mm

tensioning element: 50mm standard ratchet with tapered spacers

colour: orange

weight: approx. 2,2kg

fixing system: girth hitch/tree`skin 1,5

Additional Information

Weight 2.2 kg


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