15m freak flash’line full set neon yellow


The model “freak“ is our most versatile slackline set. 15 m (50 ft) or 25 m (80 ft), pink or neon yellow, with or without your individual print? Choose whatever you want! Universally usable slings and shackles as well as the included long lever ratchet are suitable for all applications. No loss of line-length as compared with the girth hitch set-up! Perfect alignment with every attachment point! During jumps, the flash’line returns the introduced power in a steady, trampoline-like manner and leaves nothing to be desired.

Jumpline, waterline, longline or surfing – you name it, the “freak” can handle it!

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Product Description

total length: 15m

length slackline-webbing: 14,8m

length ratchet-webbing: 0,2m

width: 50mm

material: polyester flat webbing

stretch: 2% at 7kN (~700kg)

strength: 45kN (4.500kg)

loops: reinforced 1,4mm

tensioning element: 50mm long arm ratchet

colour: neon-yellow

weight: approx. 4,8kg

fixing system: slings 2m, shackles 2t, tree`skin 1,5m

Additional Information

Weight 4.8 kg


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